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Sofia, Bulgaria


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    Scans below are from "Radio, televiziya, elektronika" 6/1990. These are two articles about IME. The first mentions some history facts and lists the most important MOS integrated circuits in production in that time and used technologies. As written below, the smaller elements in 1990 IME's IC-s were 1.5 wide. Read an aproximate translation of that article here: "Developement of microelectronics in Bulgaria".
    The second article is about one-chip microcomputer family CM65x - compatible with Motorola MC6805 family.
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Developement of microelectronics in Bulgaria
page one

    Institute of microelectronics (IME) - Sofia was estabilished in 1967 by the section "Silicium" of the Physical Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS). The first Bulgarian Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor transistors and integrated circuit (IC) were made as yearly as the next year (1968). Now (June 1990 - translator note) IME is a part of the company "Microelectronics" - Botevgrad.
    The first development of IME with particular importance for Bulgarian electronics were the series of IC "UNIMOS", which were utilized in one of the first electronic calculators in the world - "ELKA-42". Bulgaria took a part in the World Expo 1972 in the city of Osaka, Japan with that machine. The first Bulgarian RAM-chips and ROM built by MOS technology, and one 4-bit microprocessor, appeared in early 70-ies. The work of the IME's experts was initially concentrated only in development and adopting in production of MOS IC-s. By the time IME widen its researches. With special importance are development and producing of Hybrid IC-s (HIC). Competent specialists of the institute work in the field of test and technological equipment in microelectronics, development of software for automated IC design, development of electonic devices etc.
    The main developments of IME in the field of semiconductor memories, microprocessors and microcomputers, matrix integrated circuits, standard logic and specialized IC-s, are shown in tables 1 - 5. At present, the level of IME's development are determined by 8- and 16-bit microprocessor IC-s, 8-bit one-chip microcomputers, static RAM with capacity up to 16 Kbits and Dynamic RAM up to 256 Kbits. The scale of integration for the ROM and EPROM is up to 64 Kbits. Specialized IC-s are developed by basic matrix cristals (for now up to 6000 gates), library with standard cells or "by hand" in the cases when the first two methods are not effective.


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