ISOT 1030C, 1031C, 1036C and 1039C
ISOT-1039C (also named CM-4):


"Radio, television, electronics" magazine 9/85, bottom cover:


      ISOT 1036C is a sixteen-bit professional personal computer, targetted for widely use in science-researching and enginnering organisations, universities, offices. Base configuration of ISOT 1036C includes Central Unit, two FDD EC5088M1, a keyboard, graphical monitor ISOT 7301C and matrix printer ISOT 6305C. Software of ISOT 1036C uses disk operating system DOS PC or the operational system MICROS-86. The software gives to the user also programming languages: BASIC, ASSEMBLER, FORTRAN, PASCAL and COBOL, a word processor, applications for financial planing, accounting and others.
Technical specifications
  Central Unit:
  • CPU: analogue of Intel 8086/8088 (I suppose Bulgarian one: CM688)
  • Clock: 4.77MHz
  • ROM: 48KB
  • RAM: 128KB, up to 640KB
  Graphical monitor ISOT 7301C
  • colour of the screen: GREEN
  • text format: 25x80 characters
  • graphic mode: 640x200 pixels
  Printer ISOT 6305C
  • Speed: 150 chars/sec
  • Characters per row: 132
  FDD EC5088M1
  • Disk diamer: 133mm
  • Capacity: 250KB
  • Transfer rate: 250Kbit/s
  • Writing method: MFM
  Keyboard: Capital and small Cyrillic and Latin, 10 functional keys.

Producer: "Elektonika" factory, Sofia.


Note: "EC" is pronounced [es]. "ISOT" - [izot]


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